CDA20+ Symposium Amsterdam, 8-9 September 2014

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The CDA 20+ symposium is an initiative of the Amsterdam Critical Discourse Community (ACDC, currently hosted at VU-University) in collaboration with the research group Institutional Discourse at the University of Amsterdam (ACLC). It will take place in the city where the founders of Critical Discourse Analysis came together to put this research paradigm on the academic map. Teun van Dijk, Ruth Wodak, Norman Fairclough, Gunther Kress and Theo van Leeuwen took the first steps to shape CDA in January 1992, and since then it has taken flight as a cross-disciplinary framework with special attention to the ethics of academic and social practice. All five founders will participate in the CDA20+ Symposium. Panels will be chaired by a team of eleven moderators and together with the participants they will represent three generations of active Critical Discourse and Critical Theory scholars across relevant disciplines.

After twenty years, the time has come to look back on the developments in CDA, with a view to finding answers to the question: “How does CDA relate to current social and technological issues that affect communication, social structures and power relations?” Theoretically and methodologically, CDA and CDS have come to a crossroads of new developments with a high potential for bringing research into practice. Today, CDA’s original goals need to be rearticulated and its cross-disciplinary framework needs an update to strengthen its dynamic backbone.

The CDA 20+ Symposium is designed to reflect on the past and to recontextualise its social agenda into the new world of rapid social change. The programme will accommodate a review of its origins, its developments, achievements and innovations. With that knowledge and experience in mind, it will look ahead for ways by which it can continue to contribute to understanding the social world and to imagining alternatives as a practice of empowerment. The symposium should inspire new directions in research, new forms of collaboration, and doing emancipatory research in practice.

The CDA20+ Organising Committee, Amsterdam

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PS: This symposium is fully booked, however, if you would like to contribute to the discussions on the pre-conference online forums, please mail Steve Oswald at steve.oswald(at)

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Opening speeches by our guests of honour

Presented with kind permission from Norman Fairclough, Gunther Kress, Teun van Dijk, Theo van Leeuwen and Ruth Wodak.

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The symposium programme comprises 6 Panels and 2 Round Tables. The panels are arranged chronologically, to review past and present directions in CDA. Each panel focuses on a mainstream-CDA development area and is moderated by experts. The panel discussions serve as a preliminary to the round-table discussions about future directions for the CDA agenda, on the second day. These round table discussions should bring together new perspectives on CDA and CDS and its role in the new universities and in society at large.

The panels will be introduced and moderated by two experts. Plenty of time is reserved for discussion during each panel.

1. Historical Developments of CDA: Self-reflection: A historical discourse analysis of CDA.
2. CDA and CDS Past and Present: From Theory to Practice
3. CDA Today: Discourses and Societies in Transition and the CDA agenda
4. Cognitive Discourse Studies and Social Psychology
5. Multimodality: Dealing with complexity
6. Future Directions for Corpus Analysis. Tools, data and bridges between qualitative and quantitative approaches
7. Round Table: How does CDA/CDS fit in the new neoliberal University, and should it?
8. Closing Round Table: A new-new agenda: Toward a sustainable Identity of a dynamic CDA/CDS framework and its strategies

Here is the CDA20+ – Final Programme (pdf)


Lilie Chouliaraki, London School of Economics & Politics, UK
Alison Duguid, University of Siena, Italy
Costas Gabrielatos, Edge Hill University, UK
Simon Goodman, Coventry University, UK
Chris Hart, Lancaster University, UK
Bob Hodge, University of Western Sydney, Australia
Michal Krzyzanowski, Örebro University, Sweden
Kay O’Halloran, Curtin University, Perth, Australia
Martin Reisigl, Universität Wien, Austria
Ida Sabelis, VU, The Netherlands
Dvora Yanow, Wageningen University, The Netherlands




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